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LMANYU is a comprehensive beauty technology group that integrates product development, production, sales and services. It’s a rising brand in the cosmetic and skincare industry that consist of a team of professional doctors and operational/managing experts. With our extraordinary courage, foresight and hard work, we have led LMANYU to grow from a single operation center to an established comprehensive beauty technology group.  It has 9 million testimonials globally, and has sold in over 40 countries and regions.

Message from the founder of LMANYU, HangFeng Xie: The brand of LMANYU was inspired by a simple thought of creating a way to make my beloved wife look beautiful forever. I had spent years searching for the secret of youth from all over the world, until I discovered this formulation and brought it back with me to China. I was able to live up to my promise, while at the same time help other women to regain their youthful skin. I want to let all people know that life is beautiful, love is wonderful and we will never compromise beauty and LMANYU. LMANYU will always adhere to the core principle of prioritizing safety, followed by results which is backed by our high technological and beauty industry leading manufacturing facilities. We carefully monitor every step, from R&D, raw ingredients, to production and pass through a meticulous quality control process. With the assistance of a professional medical team from Malaysia, we strive to produce a safe, effective and high quality skin care product.

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