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LMANYU Brand Story


In the year 2000, when she was only 18, Manyu moved to ChengDu City from Sichuan to start up a business. She met HangFeng where together they stayed under the same roof and shortly fell in love with each other. They lived a difficult life and worked hard with limited resources, however they were happy together and hopeful for better life.

At the early stages of their careers, they rode their bicycles under rain and hot sun to sell vegetable along the streets and alleys of the city. HangFeng will never forget the time when ManYu shielded him from the wind and rain even though she would get wet by the rain. HangFeng felt sad and sorry to see ManYu’s skin going weathered and darker. As a result, he promised to ManYu that he will take good care of her forever by making her the happiest woman and to help her stay beautiful and young forever.

In 2002, together they had a child. Their business grew steadily and flourished with their contInuous effort. However, HangFeng still remembered his promise to ManYu that he wanted her to be beautIful and young forever.

HangFeng began his search for the beauty secret from around the world without ManYu’s knowledge of his quest. Finally, he found an anti-aging product in Singapore and decided to bring the product to China for production. He wanted his wife to regain her beauty, as well as help other women in the world. Aqer several discussions with the R&D team in Singapore, they were finally moved by HangFeng's sincerity and story of his love and promise to his wife. They agreed to appoint his company as the sole authorized marketer for China and to solely own the formulation of the product.

The product was named after HangFeng’s wife’s name “ManYu”, as a way of keeping his words to his beloved wife. HangFeng’s goal is to sell this product, which now has 9 millions users, at an ffordable price in China. LMANYU is the gift of love from HangFeng to his wife, as well as to all women in the world. He wants to let everyone know that life is beautIful, love is wonderful and that beauty and LMANYU will never be compromised.

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