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LManyu Peptide Face Lifting Duo

LManyu Peptide Face Lifting Duo

LManyu Peptide Face Lifting Duo is a patented product using star ingredients designed to lift your face. This requires no injection, no surgery and no equipment.

Face Lifting | Age-defying | Improving firmness

The usage is very simple: Just apply once a day to achieve or even exceed the anti-aging effects. One course of treatment is equivalent to the effect of 30,000 protein lines!

The core functions of this innovative Face Lifting Duo:
❶ Thin face (V face)

❷ Firming and lifting
❸ Shrink pores

❹ Brighten skin tone
❺ Lift the cheek
❽ Activate skin cells

Witness the miracle

Man Yu, the founder of the brand, has been trying it since she was pregnant, and insisted on using it every day. Now her skin is better than that of an 18-year-old girl


Similar products like Ultrasonic Scalpel, Skin Lifting, Botox, Mini Plastic Surgery...

are expensive, risky, fearful, have a repair period, damages the skin cell structure, leaves a stiff expression, and leaves the skin more likely to age after cracking.

Here are some of the key advantages:

1. Reasonable price
2. There is no repair period for LManyu Peptide Face Lifting Duo as for other products or techniques
3. Many traditional micro-surgery projects can only be superficial and cannot activate the bottom layer of the muscle to regenerate collagen.  LManyu Peptide Face Lifting Duo directly activates the base layer cells
4. Simple to use
5. Safety of use: So safe that even pregnant women can use it

  • Directions of Use

    How to use LManyu Peptide Face lifting Duo :

    Step 1: Wash your face with Polypeptide Cleansing Gel

    Step 2: Spray 2-3 times LManyu Collagen Youth Spray

    Step 3: Blend the powder and liquid in the small cup (included in the box), then brush on the face from bottom to top and let it rest for 15 minutes

    Step 4: Spray Collagen Youth Spray onto the face every two minutes during the 15 min.

    Step 5: 15 min later, rinse off with water

    Step 6: After washing, spray several times

    Step 7 (Optional): You can use Lmanyu Oligopeptide watery facial mask for moisturizing.

    Notice: After using the Peptide Face Lifting Duo, we must use a large amount of our collagen spray, to provide nutrition to the cells, so that the skin fundamentally solve the state of cell dryness, make your cells full and elastic, firm and plump.

    Do it every two to three days. Three boxes is a course of treatment. Use spray and facial mask to keep moisturized.


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