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Lmanyu Slimming Spray

Lmanyu Slimming Spray

☘️☘️Slimming Spray’s core principle

Slimming spray is a pure plant ingredient, which adjusts the body's metabolic balance to a new metabolic point through the penetration around the navel and the surrounding area, thereby regulating the body's endocrine. This purpose of this spray is to reduce the volume and enhance the mobility of the stomach, accelerate metabolism, dissolve body fat, completely achieve weight loss and regulate the balance of body functions!



☘️☘️Slimming Spray’s effect☘️☘️

Spray the stomach to slim and shape the whole body, eliminate edema, speed up metabolism and lose weight. There is no need to take medicine, nor go on a diet. The spray results in healthy and easy weight loss, pure Chinese ingredients that are safe and effective, without side effects.



  • Directions of use

    1. Drink a cup of warm water immediately after getting up in the morning. Shake well before use, spray around 5 ml of the product around the belly button on an empty stomach. Use your hands to massage around your belly button rotating clockwise, press on your belly button and important acupoints surrounding it, massage for five minutes. It can be sprayed more than three times at once. Have breakfast half an hour later and drink plenty of water during the day. You can continue to spray more during the day whenever you have free time. The amount of times you spray per day determines the speed and effect of fat burning and weight loss.

    2. Repeat the same process before going to sleep. 

    3. The use of three to five bottles is needed for mild obesity, five to ten bottles for moderate obesity, and more than 10 bottles for severe obesity.

    4. It can be used in combination with internal Yan Clean fruit and vegetable powder. The internal adjustment as well the external repair will allow better results to show faster !

    5. Drink no less than 3000 ml of water per day. Do not eat any high sugar or high fat food. Avoid any carbohydrates for dinner.

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