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Mammy Bao Plant Essence

Mammy Bao Plant Essence

Mammy Bao Plant Essence treats skin freckle, acne, redness, sensitivity, blackheads, enlarged pores, rotten face, hormonal face, loose skin, aging, wrinkles, dark eye circles.

Let you regain a healthy appearance, deep repair, keep moisturized, comfortable and smooth.


Contains Arginine: prevents aging skin, helps in skin whitening,  a natural antioxidant which enhance skins self-­‐repair ability, promotes youthful skin.

Contains Hyaluronic acid: hold moisture up to 500 ml/g, repairs dehydrated skin, sensitive and peeling skin, aids in regaining skin health, locks in moisture, smoothing, and promotes skin elasticity.

Contains Peptide: repairs skin issue, fights free radicals, brightens skin tone from within.


  • Directions of Use

    After cleansing the face with Lmanyu polypepetide cleansing gel every morning and evening, squeeze two drops of Mammy Bao Plant Essence on the face, and then spray with Lmanyu collagen youth spray. 

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