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Treasure Eye Concentrate (Lmanyu Eye cream)

Treasure Eye Concentrate (Lmanyu Eye cream)

Treasure Eye Concentrate: 

Lmanyu eye cream uses secret recipe from Chinese royal palace.

It restore muscle vitality, open acupoints surrounding your eyes, relieves fatigue, and makes the eye micro-circulation smooth to achieve the effect of improving vision.

It is effective for myopia, hyperopia, strabismus, amblyopia, astigmatism, and presbyopia.

It is also effective for eye bags, dark circles and eye wrinkles.


Most people can feel a significant improvement in vision after 1 to 3 cycle of treatments. 3 bottles is a standard treatment cycle. 

  • Directions of use

    1. Clean the eyes (very important)

    2. Dab a small amount of cream onto eye area. Gently massage for increased microcirculation. Apply the eye cream on 9 acupoints (please see the above picture).

    3. Apply twice daily in the morning and evening

  • FAQ

    How long does each massage last?

    The massage time is five to ten minutes, so you can grasp it flexibly

    Then close your eyes and rest for 10 to 15 minutes after pressing


    Are there any restrictions on the age of use?

    There is no age limit, anyone with vision problems can use it!


    How long does one bottle last?  Or how many bottles are used for a cycle of treatment?

    A bottle can be used for one month.  Three bottles is recommended for one complete cycle of treatment


    About the use effect

    First of all, the correct method of use is very important. The eyes are sensitive and the technique must be gentle!

    Therefore, the effect is related to the technique, the time of acupoint massage, the time of rest, the severity of eye problems, and your own metabolism, and you must do a good job of cleaning!

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