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Yan Clean Fruits and Veg Powder

Yan Clean Fruits and Veg Powder

Yan Clean can be called a "full-effect" meal replacement food, which contains vitamin C, multiple vitamins, strong antioxidants, more than 10 kinds of amino acids, multiple enzymes, trace elements, multiple plant fibers, natural plant pectin, a variety of plant enzymes, a variety of organic acids, a variety of polysaccharide components, flavonoids, wild ginger extract, garlic extract, protein and unsaturated fatty acids. These ingredients provide cells with the most complete nutrients. With a dual function of sterilizing and anti-inflammatory, it promotes rapid metabolism and removes dead cells, so that the disease can be cured without treatment.

Yan Clean is a comprehensive meal replacement solid beverage that contains the nutrients required for cell regeneration.


Yan Clean is a special anti-inflammatory formula with therapeutic effects (abbreviated as: Anti-inflammatory Special Food), which can replace and even surpass the effectiveness of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs. It is a new revolutionary product for the treatment of various acute and chronic inflammations, without any side effects that antibiotics may cause. 


Yan Clean is a dietary food. It contains a high-vitamin C complex with concentrated extracts of organic wild plants and the best cell regeneration nutrition formula. No artificial chemical ingredient is added. While still creating a delicious and tasty product.

  • Directions of use

    💚How to use: 

    Take any drinkable water, you can use normal temperature mineral water. Remember not to use boiled water, or any water at a temperature over 38 degrees Celsius.

    💕💕‎There are 4 options according to various conditions:

    A. Three bags a day, while drinking 4 liters of water.

    B. Three bags a day, plus a puree made of three or five kinds of fruit, vegetables and nuts.

    C. Three bags a day, taken before each meal.

    D. One bag per day, taken two hours before going to bed.

    7 days is the minumum time considered for a course of treatment

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