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Collagen Youth Spray

Collagen Youth Spray

LManyu Collagen Youth spray is a revolutionary anti-aging cell nutrient solution.


It replenishes moisture, smoothens fine lines, improves dullness, enhances whitening and repairing, lifting and compact face into V-shape.


It uses the Polypeptide technology. Peptides are 300 times smaller than skin pores enabling the infinitesimal collagen to reach the dermis. Few skin care products on the market can enter the dermis. This is a revolutionary breakthrough. The process of stopping human aging is to maintain collagen. After regular use, the skin becomes smoother, softer and radiant.


LManyu Collagen Youth Spray is simple, safe, effective. If you use it continuously for  3 to 6 months, with a few spray on your face, you will look younger 3-10 years.


It can replace five skin care products: day cream, night cream, eye cream, lotion and toner.


Formulated with 16 types of natural ingredients, it does not contain any fragrance, alcohol, pigments, hormones, preservatives, emulsifiers, heavy metals (lead, mercury, arsenic).

  • Directions of use

    - Shake the bottle.

    - Spray 3 times starting from left neck up to left head. Then spray 3 times from right neck, up to right head. Finally spray 3 times from throat, up to front head.

    - No need to massage, simply spray on the face and leave it to activate its power.

    - Apply 5-6 times during the day, anytime you feel like it. It can be applied before or after make-up.

    - After spraying, you might feel the collagen. The spray will form a protective layer for better absorption of collagen.

    It can be used by pregnant women. It can be used by all types of skin. People allergic to collagen should avoid use.

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